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Crescent Gutter Works
Todd & Michelle Fleming
8260 County Rt. 125 Chaumont, NY 13622
Serving Jefferson County

Proud business supporter of the New York State Trooper Benefit Fund

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Northern NY Seamless Gutter Professionals

Crescent Gutter Works is a local family-owned and operated business. We fabricate on your site and install quality seamless gutters and downspouts. Please view the photo below to see our gutter on the left. The smaller product on the right was installed by the "competition". It was removed and replaced by our gutters. Note the nicer finished appearance of our Alcoa end caps versus their crimped on cap.

seamless gutters

Crescent Gutter Works:

With over 20 years of residential construction experience, Crescent Gutter Works possesses the skills and knowledge to get your job done.

"Our minds are always in the gutter!"


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